PSEN sg2c-5LPKLE-M12/5 2.2 unit

1.873,14 лв. (без ДДС)

Код: 570884 Категория:

Safety gate system, safe interlock and safe guard locking device For
applications up to SIL CL 3 and PL e. Coding: fully coded. 5
pushbuttons: 1. Illuminated pushbutton for activating the safety gate;
2. Push button for accessing & interlocking the safety gate; 3. Key
switch (3 positions) 4. Illuminated pushbutton; 5. E-STOP pushbutton
M12/5 connection with enable switch Delivery scope: Sensing device
with pushbuttons incl. colour caps and Escape release bar and actuator
for right or left hinged gates.

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